Chantal, a symphonic metal singer, writer, pianist and belly dancer released her first album, Scars, in 2018 which is available worldwide from more than 600 quality digital music stores.  

"It feels very much like a new beginning for me now.  As I progressed through the recording of the Scars album which is a fusion of singer-songwriter with symphonic metal elements and influences, I became more and more drawn to the symphonic metal.  I guess we are always evolving, and thank goodness for that. The essence of life is change, and embracing new passions along the way. By the time I finished the 'Scars' album it became very clear that a whole new journey lies ahead of me."  Chantal is currently working on her second album and reveals, "I am so fired up about what I have created so far.  My next album is going to be epic symphonic metal!"